underfloor heating

UltraWarm Underfloor Heating Systems

At UltraWarm, we offer luxury electric underfloor heating, without the luxury price tag.
We supply underfloor heating systems to suit any floor surface, from tiles to laminate. Our exclusive trade prices mean you can make savings without compromising on quality.
A guide to electric underfloor heating
Electric underfloor heating systems work by using radiant heat. Rather than heating the air in the room, this heats the objects.
This mean it does not create air currents, and reduces temperature differences in the room. Conventional radiators use air circulation and so can spread dust and other allergens around the room.
Underfloor heating also provides an invisible source of heat. There is nothing to take up floor space, making any room feel instantly bigger.
As there are no moving parts, electric underfloor heating systems are maintenance free once they are installed. We are so confident we offer a life time guarantee on many UltraWarm products.
Buying from UltraWarm
Go to your local trade counter and aks for UltraWarm underfloor heating. You will benefit from some amazing discounts, while still enjoying a quality electric underfloor heating system.
For a luxury heating system, without the luxury price tag, choose UltraWarm underfloor heating.

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