underfloor heating





The UltraWarm product range

At UltraWarm, we provide the luxury of electric underfloor heating without the luxury price tag.

Our range of products combine ease of installation, maintenance-free use and low running costs to create an efficient heating system that suits any floor covering. Our underfloor heating system can be used under:

  • Tiles
  • Stone
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

Simply fix our insulation boards to the sub-floor in a simple brickwork pattern, lay the cable mat and then encapsulate this in self-levelling compound. Your chosen floor covering can then be laid.

Using electric underfloor heating

UltraWarm electric underfloor heating uses far infrared heat to provide a comfortable, natural and even heat to the room.

Water-based radiators heat air in the room. The warm air rises and cold air falls. This can create variations in temperature throughout the room. Far infrared heating instead heats the objects and people in the room. This creates a more even temperature and a more comfortable environment.

Our electric underfloor heating system is a highly efficient way to heat your home.

See our product range above and choose the underfloor heating system for you.

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