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UFH mat

UltraWarm Cable Mats

Cable mats from UltraWarm utilise radiant heat, which provides a natural feeling of warmth without temperature variations. n

Our cable mats are the easiest way to install underfloor heating. All you have to do is roll out the matting, cover it with self-levelling compound and lay the flooring.

The cable mat is ideal for large or uniformly-shaped areas. While the cable can be removed from the matting to fit any nooks and crannies, you should consider loose underfloor heating cable for smaller areas or strangely shaped spaces.
UltraWarm cable mats are available in 150w/m2 and 200W/m2, providing natural heat for any room.

How do cable mats work?

UltraWarm cable mats work by using radiant heat (also known as far infrared heating). This gently warms objects and people in the room. As a result, there are no temperature variations in the room, which is common when using traditional central heating.

Infrared heat naturally seeks out the coldest objects in the room and warms them. These objects then gently warm the areas around them.

Radiators simply warm the air. The hot air rises and cooler air falls. The cooler air is then heated and the cycle contiues. This can result in the floor feeling colder than the rest of the room. The air circulation can also spread dust around the room - which is not ideal for allergy sufferers.

UltraWarm cable mats do not rely on air circulation. They also provide invisible heat. With no need for radiators, the floor space in your home is increased.

Cable mat prices
At UltraWarm, we provide luxury underfloor heating without the luxury price.

Check our prices and see how much you can save with UltraWarm:

150 Watt
Part Code Area Covered (m2) RRP (£)
UWM150-1.0 1.0 25.00
UWM150-1.5 1.5 37.50
UWM150-2.0 2.0 50.00
UWM150-2.5 2.5 62.50
UWM150-3.0 3.0 75.00
UWM150-3.5 3.5 87.50
UWM150-4.0 4.0 100.00
UWM150-4.5 4.5 112.50
UWM150-5.0 5.0 125.00
UWM150-6.0 6.0 150.00
UWM150-7.0 7.0 175.00
UWM150-8.0 8.0 200.00
UWM150-9.0 9.0 225.00
UWM150-10.0 10.0 250.00
UWM150-11.0 11.0 275.00
UWM150-12.0 12.0 300.00
UWM150-14.0 14.0 350.00
UWM150-16.0 16.0 400.00

200 Watt
Part Code Area Covered (m2) RRP (£)
UWM200-1.0 1.0 37.00
UWM200-2.0 2.0 74.00
UWM200-3.0 3.0 111.00
UWM200-4.0 4.0 148.00
UWM200-5.0 5.0 185.00
UWM200-6.0 6.0 222.00
UWM200-7.0 7.0 259.00
UWM200-8.0 8.0 296.00
UWM200-9.0 9.0 333.00
UWM200-10.0 10.0 370.00

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