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Underfloor insulation boards are a vital accessory if you want the heating system to work effectively.
The insulation boards, available in 6mm or 10mm thick, can be fixed to the sub-floor. The underfloor heating cable or matting is then laid on top of this, before the self-levelling compound and the flooring are put in place.

Using the underfloor insulation board will ensure that the floor heats up quickly and efficiently, dramatically cutting heat up times and energy use.

Types of insulation board

There are several types of insulation board available from UltraWarm, but all are designed to work with our cable mats and loose heating cable.

Depending on the scale and budget of the project, you can choose from 6mm or 10mm thick insulation boards. These are easily fixed to the subfloor using tile adhesive.

The difference comes in the coating. Our premium boards are coated with a polymer cement. This improves the heat losses and cuts heat up times. If you are working on a budget, we have an uncoated boards available. This also offers excellent efficiency compare to laying the heating cable directly on to the subfloor.

All our boards are easy to install, and can be cut with a knife or saw to fit any room.

Insulation board prices

Whether you choose coated or uncoated boards, UltraWarm offer outstanding prices. See the tables below to check how little our insulation costs.

Part Code Thickness RRP (£)
UW-IU-06 6mm 6.40
UW-IU-10 10mm 9.70

Part Code Thickness RRP (£)
UW-IC-06 6mm 13.00
UW-IC-10 10mm 14.00

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