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Programmable Thermostats

Your customers can enjoy complete control of your UltraWarm underfloor heating with our range of manual and touchscreen thermostats. These combine low cost, easy installation and user-friendly set up.

Available in polar white, our thermostats are designed to suit any home. They include both an air and floor sensor, allowing you to control the heating in exactly the way you want.

Programming your thermostat

Our manual thermostat includes a simple temperature dial and an on/off switch. It is the ideal choice if you want a lowe-cost option that simply allows you to switch on the heating when you want it and switch it off when you don't.

Our touchscreen thermostat allows you to programme up to six periods for each day, giving you the flexibility to plan your heating to come on automatically exactly when you need it.

Both thermostats are quick and eay to install and set up.

Thermostat prices

By selling exclusively to the trade, we keep prices low. Compare the cost of our manual and touchscreen thermostat and see how much you can save:

Part CodeAmp rating
RRP (£)

Set up your thermostat

Use the handy video guide to quickly programme your UltraWarm touch screen thermostat:


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