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Loose Underfloor Heating Cable





Loose Underfloor Heating Cable

Loose Heating Cable

The main concern for many people installing underfloor heating is cost. At UltraWarm, we do everything we can to keep costs low, without compromising quality.

Our loose heating cable is a great choice if you want a low-cost underfloor heating solution for a small or awkwardly shaped area.

For larger areas, you may want to consider underfloor heating cable mats.

The loose heating cable can simply be taped down around the room, before it is encapsulated in self-levelling compound. The floor surface can then be laid.

While it is designed for smaller areas, the cable can be used in almost any size of room. By varying the cable spacing, you can get the exact power output you need.

Installing loose heating cable

When installing UltraWarm heating cable, you should plan the layout of the cable first with a sketch. This will help you decide on the appropriate cable spacings, with a minimum of 50mm between cable loops.

It is important that the cables are not installed under kitchen units or other fixed furniture. When planning the sketch, all the fixed furniture should be included. This will ensure that the cable is only installed where it is needed.

The cable should be taped down using small amounts of tape when it is laid. This will allow you to make any adjustments to the cable if they are needed.

After any adjustments, the entire cable should be covered in adhesive tape to fix it completely to the sub-floor.

Once this is done, the cable can be encapsulated in self-levelling compound or tile adhesive.

Underfloor heating cable - prices

By selling exclusively to the trade, we keep our prices low. See how much you can save with UltraWarm heating cable:

Part Code Output (W) Length (m) RRP (£)
UWC-1.0 120 11.4 25.00
UWC-1.5 250 23.6 37.50
UWC-2.0 300 31.6 50.00
UWC-2.5 400 36.9 62.50
UWC-3.0 450 45.7 75.00
UWC-3.5 500 74.5 87.50
UWC-4.0 600 63.9 100.00
UWC-5.0 750 75.8 125.00
UWC-6.0 950 87.0 150.00
UWC-7.0 1100 114.5 175.00
UWC-9.0 1300 131.3 225.00
UWC-11.0 1700 158.8 275.00
UWC-13.0 2000 194.5 325.00


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